Who Are We?

The entity behind City Golf Tour is the Swedish MOS Alliance, a cooperation between seven Swedish minigolf clubs to function as an organization that works to further the interests of its members, and for the progress of minigolf as a sport in general - and adventure golf (also known as MOS) in particular.

The seven clubs who found the MOS Alliance in February 2021 are:

Askims BGK

Gullbergsbro BGK

Haga BGK

Sundbybergs BGK

Sundsvalls BGK

Örebro BGK

Örnsköldsviks MGK

The Alliance is open to all Swedish minigolf clubs, not just the ones who run an adventure golf course today.

The complete name of the alliance is Svenska MOS-Alliansen Ekonomisk Förening [Swedish MOS Alliance Economic Association] (organizational number 769639-6345).

The board of the MOS Alliance in March 2021 consists of:

Fredrik Hasselgren, Haga BGK (chair)


Gunnar Bengtsson, Askims BGK (member)


Björn Nilsson, Sundbybergs BGK (member)


Eddie Söderlund, Sundsvalls BGK (alternate)